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  • The Bike

  • When we launched Tribe Bikes, we did so with the aim of providing Australia’s best value cargo bike. Since then we’ve become the cargo bike of choice for hundreds of Australian Families, saving thousands of car trips and making the mundane fun!

  • Not to rest on our laurels, today we’re excited to be launching our brand new model. Completely redesigned, we’ve kept everything our customers already love but taken things up another notch. The new Tribe Original retains the status of Australia’s most affordable cargo bike, with a feature set that rivals bikes that are twice the price. 

    The Range

  • We’ve got 3 models in our new range, providing a broad range of price points. The models are:

  • Tribe Original Electric Assist: Our most popular choice, including a 250w rear hub motor with 35nM of torque, Front Mechanical Disk brakes and rear V Brake.

  • Tribe Original Electric Assist with Hydraulic Disk Brakes: With the above 250w rear hub motor, but with front and rear Tektro Hydraulic disk brakes for super stopping power.

  • Tribe Original Electric Plus: With an integrated Bafang M400 mid drive motor providing a whopping 80nM of torque and front and rear Tektro Hydraulic Disk Brakes, the Electric Plus model will get you up all but the very steepest hill, and safely down the other side (pictured below).

    The cargo box

  • The cargo box retains all the features our customers love, including 2 bench seats, 4 three point harness seatbelts, a lockable storage box, rubber bump strip on exposed edges of box and side steps for easy access by children. But we’ve still managed to step things up a notch, by including:

    Marine Plywood Cargo box

  • All bikes now come with 9mm marine plywood, enhancing the long term durability of the cargo box. Plus they’ve been finished with matt varnish, making the box sexier than ever.

    Non slip sandwiched plastic floor

  • Avoid the floor of your bike getting scratched up with a non slip sandwiched plastic floor. Of course, we still offer rubber floor mats to help with cleaning, but the new floor will be looking good for longer.

    Fold up Front Bench

  • Those with 2 or less kids often remove the front bench to provide more space for cargo.  However we found putting the bench back in when cousins or friends came over was annoying. So we designed a fold up front bench, that folds away when not needed and can easily be folded down to use again. Sometimes a simple solution is all you need!

    Improved storage box latch

  • All bikes now come with a spring loaded latch on the storage box, making opening and closing your storage box much simpler.

    The bike

  • We’ve made some changes to the bike itself, with a completely redesigned frame and upgraded components, to make the bike more comfortable to ride and for it to perform in line with bikes twice the price.

    Re-engineered Frame

  • We’ve re-engineered the frame to provide a more upright riding style. With a more relaxed seatpost angle and enhanced handlebar sweep, most riders regardless of height can ride the bike comfortably.

  • Improved turning radius

  • We’ve moved the steering bumpers to improve the turning radius over the previous model. 3 point turns are no longer needed in most situations. By adjusting the frame geometry we’ve been able to achieve this without compromising stability of the bike.

    8 speed Shimano Gears

  • 8 speed gears give more top and bottom range, helping with hill climbing and staying at a good speed on the flats. Shimano Acera shifters and derailleur are a few steps above the previous model, making for smooth and simple shifting.

    Balloon Tyres

  • 2 inch CST balloon tyres provide a more comfortable ride and help to improve handling. Kevlar linings help to reduce the risk of punctures.

    Upgraded Seat

  • The Selle Royale saddle maintains all the comfort of the old seat, but with a more modern and streamlined design & additional durability.

    CNC Painted Frame

  • A CNC painted frame on the steel (Tribe Original) or Aluminum (Electric Plus) frame gives a premium finish compared to powdercoating.

    Hydraulic Disk Brakes

  • Available as an upgrade on the Electric Assist or as standard on the Electric Plus, front and rear Tektro Hydraulic Disk Brakes, specifically designed for cargo bikes have you stopping almost instantly, and require much less maintenance than mechanical brakes.

    Front and Rear park brake

  • All bikes (mechanical and hydraulic) come with front and rear parking brakes. With both locks engaged you’re bike won’t be moving unwantedly!


  • Both electric models receive electronics upgrades. The rear hub motor provides 35nM torque, compared to 30nM on the old motor, a subtle difference but n upgrade none the less.

  • Most exciting is the integrated mid drive motor on the Electric Plus model. Providing 80nM of torque, this is a hill climbing machine and as far as we know the only integrated Mid Drive cargo bike of this nature available in Australian for under $10,000, we’ve been able to come in at around half that with our Electric Plus model priced at $5,490!

    Upgraded Battery

  • The 13aH (468 wH) battery with integrated Panasonic cells has an enhanced case, making it easier to slide in and out of the battery housing. It is also filled with expanding foam to minimise the risk of unwanted movements of components inside.

    Dual Front headlights

  • We’ve moved the headlights from the handlebars to the front of the cargo box, so as to not interfere with the rain cover, and added 2 of them to help you see better at night. The rear light, integrated into the motor gets an update to.

    Integrated Bafang Mid Drive Motor

  • The electric plus model has been fitted with a near silent 250w Bafang M400 integrated mid drive motor and offers 80nM of torque. This motor is specifically designed for cargo bikes and is extremely popular on cargo bikes in Europe as it has been geared to provide maximum torque on heavy bikes. Torque sensing pedal assist makes the motor kick in and out seamlessly.

    Upgraded rear hub motor

  • The Electric Assist model has an upgraded 250w Dapu M155 motor, offering a slight torque improvement over its predecessor (35nM vs 30nM). We love the Dapu hub motors due to their amazing reliability. Torque sensing pedal assist makes the motor kick in and out seamlessly.

    A new level of quality, but at an affordable price point

  • You can see above, we’ve taken the new Tribe Original to a new level. But we’ve been able to do so whilst maintaining an affordable price point. How? We work directly with the manufacturer and buy in bulk, so no middle men taking a slice of the pie along the way. We’re proud of the fact we’ve been able to keep our prices down and get more bikes in the hands of Australian families, all without compromising on quality or service!

  • As per the old model, all bikes are assembled and tested by us and are delivered ready to ride, with delivery free to Eastern Australia

  • ll but the very steepest hill, and safely down the other side (pictured below).

Bikes that are shipped come partially assembled, while those picked up in-store are fully built.


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