Our Story

Creating New Pathways to Explore the World Sustainably

Explore the World Sustainably

We create new pathways to explore the world sustainably by revolutionizing transportation and challenging the prevailing car culture by promoting sustainable alternatives.

We are dedicated to leaving a positive impact on the planet, making it better than we found it.

Live fully and thoughtfully

Our goal is to transform the way people perceive travel. We believe that relying solely on cars is not sustainable, and it is our responsibility to offer practical solutions. By advocating for electric bikes and traditional bikes, we provide eco-friendly options for daily commuting and travel.

Have fun! Enjoy life! But also show respect by caring for our communities and environment.

Coco and Harry

Each member of our team plays a crucial role in fueling the Freedom Machine experience. Especially the office therapy dogs, Coco and Harry!

Join us on this exciting journey towards a sustainable future, as together, we pave the way for a transportation revolution that leaves the planet better than we found it.