freedom machine byron bay tribe bikes evamos longtail
freedom machine byron bay tribe bikes evamos longtail
freedom machine byron bay tribe bikes evamos longtail
freedom machine byron bay tribe bikes evamos longtail
freedom machine byron bay tribe bikes evamos longtail
freedom machine byron bay tribe bikes evamos longtail
freedom machine byron bay tribe bikes evamos longtail
freedom machine byron bay tribe bikes evamos longtail
freedom machine byron bay tribe bikes evamos longtail

TRIBE eVamos Longtail Cargo Bike

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The swiss army knife of bikes. Turn the chore into the experience with room for up to 2 kids (maybe even 3 if they squish up!). Use the innovative MIK mounting system to quickly turn your bike from kid hauler to cargo hauler and back again. All in a bike barely larger than a regular bike.

The Range

The Evamos comes in 4 colour options with identical specifiications: Aqua, Coral, Black and White. We genuinely can’t pick a favourite. They all look amazing in their own right, from the vibrance of the Aqua and Coral to the smart sophistication of the Black and White, we’re certain there’s a colour out there to suit everyone!

Carrying Cargo

Of course, you’re probably not in the market for a cargo bike unless you want to carry cargo. Probably kids, maybe dogs, or possibly just… actual cargo.

The Evamos does all impressively well.

The included front rack includes an integrated MIK mount. We’ve found the Basil Large Crate with a generous 50 litre capacity a great addition to the front rack. Easily able to carry a couple of school bags and a bike lock, it’s a perfect size.

Of course, most of the action happens at the back of the bike on the “Long Tail”. Flexibility is the name of the game here. Use the MIK HD adaptors to install the Polisport Maxi Plus Child Seat, add a Polisport Guppy to some deck boards for bigger kids, or simply use the Crew Cab Bars to create a nice long bench with some added security for the kids.

For dog owners, the Buddy Basket allows you to carry your pooch on the front or back of your bike. This is certain to be a head turner!

If carrying actual cargo is the name of the game, there’s numerous options, from baskets, to crates to panniers. Alternatively you can use the MIK adapter plate to turn almost any carrier into a MIK compatible accessory. There’s literally hundreds of configurations for your Evamos. Customise the bike exactly for your needs!

Well stabilised, even with a heavy load

The Evamos has been equipped with a small 20″ rear wheel and a larger 24″ front wheel. The small rear wheel helps to keep the centre of gravity low, whilst the larger front wheel helps to create more control.

We’ve found that heavy loads do not make the bike feel unsafe to ride, and the powerful 80nM torque motor, means that what would normally be a wobbly takeoff from a standing start is almost non existent, as you can immediately get to a non wobbly speed.

The bike can support 200kg total weight, with a 80kg limit on the rear rack. This should be plenty of weight capacity!

Compact Footprint

The Evamos comes in at just 195cm in length. This is roughly the same length as a men’s 29’er Mountain Bike. We’ve been able to achieve such a compact footprint with the smaller 24/20″ wheels, however unlike similar bikes with 20″ front and rear wheels, having the 24″ wheel up front really helps handle the bike better.

The compact geometry does not mean a compromise on comfort though. With an adjustable stem and plenty of adjustment available in the seatpost and saddle, riders of most heights can find a comfortable riding position.

The bike’s width is just 64 cm at its widest point (the handlebars), this makes getting the bike in and out of narrow doorways reasonably straightforward.

The short footprint also makes transportation via car feasible with the Evamos. It will comfortably fit on a hitch bike rack, so long as it is rated to carry at least 30kg.

Power to burn

We equipped the Evamos with the same Bafang M400 80nM torque motor as the Tribe Original Electric Plus.

We did this because we really love the motor. It is quiet, has effective torque sensing, has plenty of power and is reliable. It feels good on the Tribe Original, but on a bike that is half the weight, without as much wind and rolling resistance it really flies!

This makes taking off from a standing start almost effortless, and gaining a cruising speed of ~20km/h easy. We love it, we really do!

The 14aH battery has heaps of range. Expect to get up to 50km from a charge. The battery is also equipped with a USB port, for easy charging of devices when out and about. A feature we’ve already come to rely upon in our couple of weeks of test riding!

Safe Riding

One of the principles we stand by is to develop products that are safe to ride. After all, you’re carrying your most precious cargo on your bike.

The Evamos is no exception to this rule.

It comes with Tektro Hydraulic Disk brakes as standard. In our testing the brakes work exceptionally well.

We’ve got front and rear lights integrated to light up the road at night. These run off the main battery, so no need to charge additional devices.

The Kenda Kwik balloon tyres offer a 2.1″ wide front and 2.25″ rear tyre with loads of tread and puncture resistant kevlar linings. They feel like they really grip to the road and can take whatever bumps, ruts or cracks are thrown at them.

The rear wheel includes a wheel skirt, meaning children’s feet are kept well away from the spokes when riding.

A ‘deflopilator’ (yes that’s really what it’s called!) spring attached to the fork and frame helps to keep the bike from getting wobbly, particularly when carrying a heavy load.

Practical, fun and safe, and at an affordable price point

The Tribe Evamos has been well thought out and designed to provide you with everything you need, and nothing you don’t. At a price point of $4,490 it is by far Australia’s most affordable feature rich mid drive electric long tail cargo bike.

With after sales service to match (verified with over 60 Five Star reviews), when you buy a Tribe Bike, you’re buying a quality product and investing in a team who really cares.

We hope you’re as excited about the Evamos as we are!


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Total Value: $922
Your Cost: Only $499
Savings: $423

We're not done yet! As part of our commitment to your satisfaction, we'll run you through the bike, ensuring you're comfortable and confident in your new ride.

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*Parts not included in service. Delivery and callouts must be within Suffolk park to Byron's Industrial area, extra cost if outside this zone. Callouts and deliveries must be within store hours. Warranties are according to manufacturer's guidelines.

Bikes that are shipped come partially assembled, while those picked up in-store are fully built.


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