gt 20 inch stomper prime freedom machine byron bay
gt 20 inch stomper prime freedom machine byron bay
gt 20 inch stomper prime freedom machine byron bay

GT 20" Stomper Prime

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  1. Lightweight Aluminum Frame: The foundation of GT's mountain bike is its lightweight aluminum frame. This material is not only durable but also ensures that the bike remains agile and responsive on various terrains. The use of aluminum strikes a balance between strength and weight, providing riders with the confidence to tackle challenging trails without feeling burdened.

  2. Rigid Fork with LegitFit Design: The bike is equipped with a rigid fork designed with LegitFit principles. This design emphasizes optimal geometry and ergonomics to enhance the rider's comfort and control. The rigid fork ensures precise handling, allowing riders to navigate through uneven terrains with stability. This feature is particularly beneficial for off-road enthusiasts who want a bike that responds predictably to their movements.

  3. Shimano Gears: The inclusion of Shimano gears adds a layer of versatility to the GT mountain bike. Shimano is renowned for its high-quality cycling components, and the gears on this bike provide a wide range of options for tackling inclines, descents, and flat stretches. Whether you're climbing a steep hill or cruising on a smooth trail, the Shimano gears ensure a seamless and efficient riding experience.

  4. Super-Easy to Ride: The combination of the lightweight frame, LegitFit design, and Shimano gears contributes to the overall ease of riding. Novice riders will appreciate the approachable nature of the bike, while experienced cyclists will find that it responds well to their skill and style. The ergonomic design and thoughtful component selection make the GT mountain bike accessible to riders of varying skill levels.

  5. Handles Like a Dream: The bike's exceptional handling can be attributed to its well-designed frame geometry and the precision of the rigid fork. Whether navigating tight turns, maneuvering through technical descents, or powering through challenging climbs, the GT mountain bike inspires confidence. The "handles like a dream" aspect emphasizes the bike's responsiveness and agility, ensuring an enjoyable and exhilarating riding experience on any terrain.

In summary, GT's premium off-road mountain bike is not just about having small wheels; it's a meticulously crafted and well-engineered machine that combines a lightweight frame, LegitFit design, and Shimano gears to offer a superbly easy and thrilling off-road cycling experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, this bike is designed to deliver performance, comfort, and fun on all terrains.


20" GT LegitFit Design, Alloy w/ Replaceable Hanger

GT Hi-Ten Steel, 1-1/8" Threadless Steerer

KMC Z7, 7-speed

Prowheel w/ Double Guard, 30T, 130mm

Cartridge Sealed

GT BMX Flat Pedal, Resin

Shimano Tourney

Shimano Revo Twist Shifter, SL-RS36, 6-speed

Sunrace, 14-28, 6-speed Freewheel

All Terra Double Wall, 28h

Kenda Small Block Eight, 20 x 2.1"

Alloy, QR

Alloy Freewheel, QR

Stainless Steel, 14g

GT V-Brake

GT V-Brake

GT V-Brake

Tektro 3 Finger

Steel Riser Bar, 20mm Rise, 540mm Width

Alloy Ahead, 30mm


1 1/8" Ahead


Alloy Micro Adjust


Guaranteed to keep you riding! Enhance Your Bike Experience with Our Exclusive Add-On Package!

Discover the ultimate value-packed bundle for your newly purchased bike:

  1. Professional Assembly: Sit back and relax while we expertly assemble your bike making sure its built to manufacturer standards ensuring warranty is valid. We'll even take care of disposing of the packaging responsibly so you don't have to worry about anything. Valued at $160.
  2. Warranty Assistance: We've got your back with dedicated support to ensure your bike stays in top shape. Save your time.
  3. Complimentary First Safety Check: Enjoy your first safety check on us, scheduled for 6 weeks after your purchase. It's our way of ensuring your bike performs at its best. Valued at $80*.
  4. Double the Service, Double the Care*: Receive two premium services within 24 months, valued at $438. These services will be conveniently spaced out, with one every 12 months or whenever your bike needs a little extra attention.
  5. Free Mobile Service option*: Cant get your bike to us for your services? We'll come to you and service your bike at your home. (Suffolk Park to Industrial area). Valued at $40 each way.
  6. Hubtiger Service Log: Download the companion app to track your services and record all your bike history. We'll help you get set up.
  7. Roadside Assistance*: Enjoy peace of mind with 1 free roadside assistance call out. Additional callouts receive 50% off. Additionally, you'll have access to a loan bike at 50% off the regular hire rate while your bike is being repaired. Valued at $99.
  8. Bike being repaired under warranty?* While your bike is being repaired due to a warranty issue, get 50% off a rental bike while yours is with us. 

Total Value: $857
Your Cost: Only $499
Savings: $358

We're not done yet! As part of our commitment to your satisfaction, we'll run you through the bike, ensuring you're comfortable and confident in your new ride.

This package guarantees you'll be able to ride 100% of the time. We have you covered for any situation that could arise. Don't miss out on this amazing offer to elevate your biking experience. Upgrade your package today and enjoy a hassle-free ride with unbeatable value!

Don't get caught by surprise with unexpected running costs of using your bike on a daily basis. 

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*3. First safety check is in store only, you must bring your bike to us. 4. Parts are not included in any services. 5. Subject to availability and must be within Suffolk Park and the industrial area. 7. Delivery and callouts must be within Suffolk park to Byron's Industrial area, extra cost if outside this zone and is subject to availability. Callouts and deliveries must be within store hours. 8. Warranties are according to manufacturer's guidelines.

Bikes that are shipped come partially assembled, while those picked up in-store are fully built.


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