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The Basil bicycle crate, sized M, comes in a sleek black design suitable for both women's and men's bicycles. Crafted from sustainable materials, this crate boasts a spacious 29.5-liter capacity and is perfectly compatible with the MIK system.

Safely on the go Bid farewell to the hassle of juggling heavy shopping bags or carrying school backpacks while cycling. Embrace the stylish Basil bicycle crate, ensuring secure transport of your belongings. The medium-sized M crate is accompanied by an eye-catching contrasting crate clip, designed to help your bike stand out. This feature proves especially useful in crowded bicycle parking areas. Simply attach the clip to the crate wherever you prefer, and you're all set to ride!

Sustainable choice Opting for the Basil bicycle crate translates to a conscious and environmentally-friendly decision. Crafted from post-consumer waste, or regranulate, this crate not only reduces plastic waste but also boasts remarkable strength due to its recycled plastic composition. It's worth noting that the production of this crate takes place in the Netherlands, contributing to a positive environmental impact.

Easy and quick to mount If you're looking to take the crate along, whether it's for carrying groceries or safeguarding your crate from theft, here's some great news! The M crate includes a pre-installed MIK adapter plate. With the MIK system, attaching the crate to your luggage carrier becomes a quick and effortless process. Even if your (electric) bike lacks a MIK carrier, you can easily fix the MIK Carrier plate and enjoy the convenience of MIK's click-and-go mechanism.

We thought of you That's why the Basil bicycle crate offers:

  • A capacity of 29.5 liters; hence your heavy shopping or school bag no longer needs to hang on the handlebars.
  • Sturdy construction, so you can safely carry all your stuff.
  • A pre-assembled MIK adapter plate lets you easily click the crate on and off your luggage carrier. Handy right?


  • Dimensions: 35 x 45 x 27 cm
  • Volume: 29 l
  • Material: Recycled synthetic
  • Content (Ltr): 29,5
  • System: Crate mounting set or MIK adapter plate
  • Installation: I.c.w. front carrier or MIK system carrier

Bikes that are shipped come partially assembled, while those picked up in-store are fully built.


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