What Rental Bike Is Best For Me?


what is the best rental bike for me freedom machine byron bay

Ever walk into a candy or ice cream store with too many flavours? Yeah…choosing a bike can be a bit like that nowadays. With so many different, shapes, sizes, functions, and purposes, it can be a bit overwhelming. We at Freedom Machine Byron Bay pride ourselves in being the best bike experts in the Northern Rivers and also encourage our customers to rent some wheels if they aren’t up to make a decision to purchase their own e-bike yet. Lucky for locals and tourists alike, we have narrowed down our favourite e-bikes that we rent for daily, weekend, and weekly rates.

what rental bike is best for me freedom machine byron bay


The Electra 7D Townie Go is a simple electric beach cruiser which can be easily used by anyone. This e-bike has a classic look with a chilled, comfortable, upright body position and a smooth, steady, and calm ride quality. The rear cargo rack subtly houses a 310Wh battery pack which powers the 250W rear hub motor, allowing for efficient strength. It has three levels of pedal assist support to enhance your pedaling efforts for sufficient speed. On top of that, the user interface is easy to use and completely functional while remaining simple. This is a great option for a rider seeking a comfortable, no-frills e-bike.

what is the best rental bike for me freedom machine byron bay


The Street Gypsie Step Through is an amazing option that we consider a step up from the Electra 7D Townie Go. This bike is aimed squarely at a more refined and beautiful look like no other we have seen before. The frame design remains unique to Vallkree as it allows for an easy mounting and unmounting of the bike, creating a comfortable experience from start to finish. It’s easy to get on and get going and when you are going, it’s a comfortable and effortless adventure. Accompanied with the signature Vallkree 250 watt rear hub high performance brushless motor, it has proven itself reliable and to get you to where you need to be every time. Using the ever dependable Samsung lithium ion batteries, you can be rest assured the battery life will keep you going for ages. On top of that, this beauty of a bike has been tested for safety and efficiency thoroughly, accompanied with hydraulic Tektro brakes with an automatic motor kill on braking, trip computer, speedometer, self diagnostic system, battery indicator, distance calculator, headlight button, and USB charging socket.

The Street Gypsie will see you riding more because you’ll find yourself looking forward to getting back out into the open air cruising around without any care in the world.

what is the best rental bike for me freedom machine byron bay


The Drifter from Vallkree is one of Byron Bay’s favourite e-bikes that you will see cruising around town. Wanna blend in with the locals? This is your best bet hands down. Rolling on 26 " diameter wheels and powered by either a 250 or 500 watt motor with a top speed of 25kph (restricted) it's the ultimate cruising machine. In comparison to the ‘Scrambler’ from Vallkree, it has the bigger and taller guys in mind with an extra large purpose built frame designed to carry up to 120kg, completed with 75mm double spoked wheels, 3 inch Vallkree tyres, as well front and back Bobber guards. This is one of our top sellers in shop and one of our largest e-bikes with a bigger, sturdy frame and an overall length of almost 2 meters. Definitely not one to disappoint for a weekend rental in Byron Bay as you conquer hills, beach rides, and long distances at a time.

what is the best rental bike for me freedom machine byron bay


Considered to be the new modern day swiss army knife of bikes, we introduce to you the Evamos Longtail. Turn the chore into an experience with room for up to two kiddos. Use the innovative MIK mounting system to quickly turn your bike from kid hauler to cargo hauler and back again. All in a bike barely larger than a regular bike. Built for sustainability, Tribe has included puncture proof Kenda balloon tyres to minimize chances of getting caught out and for super comfort. For further comfort, you can adjust the stem height up and down for a comfortable riding position. Also, this bike includes an innovative geometry system. The 20” rear wheel keeps the centre of gravity low and when carrying heavy loads (up to 80kg) while the 24” front wheel helps your bike handle well and smooth out bumps. A low step through frame makes getting on and off super easy.