What E-Bike Is Best For Me?

In a time of several global crises, like COVID19, climate change, and a threat of nuclear war, it can, at times, feel a bit helpless. If you are an adult and can’t think of what to do to start making things better, we suggest hopping on a bike. 

For years, electric bikes were bulky, inconvenient, expensive machines with limited battery life, but that has changed. They are now lighter, more attractive, and heaps more powerful than before. You don’t need to be an all star athlete to ride one either. They get you outside, reduce traffic congestion, and shrink your carbon footprint, and they are loads of fun!

EZ Riderz // Sledz Cafe Racer

The Sledz electric bike is your ticket to having fun and discovering your neighbourhood like you never have before. The Sledz is urban cool meets country functionality.  With a dual seat so you can take your friend on the back, they are tough enough for any adventure. EZRIDERZ has designed them from the ground up for you. With years of experience creating and making other electric vintage cruisers we realised that quality, comfort, functionality and being tough was almost as important as being cool.

These are the newest range of urban beach fun e-bikes. They can come with fat tyre front on 20"rim or 2.5"tyre on 20"rim. They are fun to take a friend on the back with double seats and tough enough for any adventure. The 500W bike is perfect for the city commuter, neighbourhood cruise, and can be ridden on the beach or off-road.  The power gets you up the toughest hill, but an extra bit of pedaling power will make it a walk in the park.

With high powered LED lights, you can ride this beauty day or night, to the park or the restaurant. Take in adventures, picnics or just get from A to B with the freedom you don’t get in your car. The Sledz can also be easily customised, whether it be with seat covers, fender skins, rear racks, side mirrors, and more. Don’t be afraid to ask our team if you have any questions around this.

Vallkree // The Mechanism

Modern-day engineering technology meets 1920’s board track racer style in a dual-motor electric bike concept developed in Australia.

Made by New South Wales startup, Vallkree, and called The Mechanism, the bike is billed as a high-performance, eco-friendly mode of transport, equally at home, on off road trails, or congested city streets. 

Conceived and engineered in Byron Bay, the bike is fitted with a Samsung 20AH battery, and dual front and rear 500W motors, giving it 1000W of power on tap. That allows the bike to achieve off-road speeds of up to 50kph with a range of 45km on a full charge. While the Vallkree resembles a vintage bike, it makes for an electrifying alternative to a traditional mountain bike. The company says riders can tackle beach dunes, mountain trails or hill roads.


The SUPER73-RX Mojave showcases all of SUPER73’s iconic features; the powerful R-series drive system, along with 4 piston brakes and fully adjustable dual suspension, making the RX our top-of-the-line performance model. Fitted with our GRZLY All-Terrain Tires, the RX Mojave is comparable to none when it comes to off-road trail riding.

Each bike comes with 4 Pedal Assist Modes, so you can customize your riding mode to your terrain. Switch between ride modes to access Off-Road mode and unlock the throttle to reach 45km+ when riding on private property. The RX-E is equipped with an inverted coil-spring fork with air assist and a rear piggyback Coilover mono-shock. The RX-E’s fully adjustable suspension system includes preload, compression, and rebound adjustments, allowing riders to tune the system for their desired riding style. 

Super73 is a well-known brand in the electric bicycle market, and is known for producing high-quality and reliable products. This is an important factor for customers who want a bicycle that will last for a long time and not require frequent repairs or maintenance.

Bianchi // Infinito Ultegra Di2

Introducing greatness with the Bianchi Infinito Ultegra Di2 accompanied with a carbon frame built for endurance with high-end components and hydraulic disc brakes. Albeit a little bit more relaxed than a traditional racing bike, it offers a notably smooth ride, but it’s still super responsive and it’s enough to snap into action as soon as you put the power down. 

The Infinito feels more stable and composed and is easier to keep in check. The longer the ride, the more of an asset this becomes. No need to make the mistake of thinking that means the Infinito is in any way boring. This is still a bike that's primed for action. The bottom bracket area, for example, is really stiff with no wafting around when you get out of the saddle and stamp on the pedals. The bike jumps to it when you demand a bit of extra speed so get ready for on and off road adventures.

Orbea // Rise H30 E-MTB

An entry level model in the ORbea Rise line of light weight and full suspension electric trail bikes. With a Shimano Synergy mid-drive motor that’s custom tuned for efficiency, this guy offers peak torque and 250 watts nominal output. With the ability for climbing up mountains more than efficiently, it also doesn’t waste much charge doing so. The H30 offers a ton of bang for your buck for riders that are new to E-Bike ranges. This is also a great fit for active and playful riders, as it is lightweight and provides loads of agility. You’ll be hopping around ,changing lines, and have a fun time goofing off all while doing it.

These are just some of the many e-bikes out in the world to give you a scope of what’s available. Plenty of rides from utility, commuters, mountain bikes, road bikes, and your all around sleek and stylish bikes for everyday use. Pop into our shop at Freedom Machine Byron Bay or drop us a line to chat about all things bikes and let us help you find the bike you need and want.