Top 5 Reasons To Buy An E-Bike


E-Bikes are in and it's all we know. From many ranges, styles, and choices to choose from, these nifty machines will have you on pro circuits, up and down rolling hills with mountain bike ranges, or just simply cruising around your city or town on a stylish commuter style ride. We are here to tell you why these are popping off in the world, what they can do for you, and why you should totally consider getting amongst this regeneration trend to give you all the freedom you need!

1. Long Lasting Exercise

We know what you're thinking. Riding an e-bike doesn't mean the same amount of calories burned as a normal bike. Wrong. In fact, though E-Bikes have a battery + motor for efficiency, this means that you are able to ride for longer distances and at faster rates, but if you are putting that pedalling work in, you are burning just as many calories as you would on a normal ride, if not more. 



2. Commute In Style & Beat The Traffic

What we hate about driving other than the exhaust of fuel into the environment is the long waits for parks and those long traffic lights. It's just a waste of time. You could easily just back your bag, throw it in your bike basket or around your shoulders and stroll on through the traffic on a commuter e-bike to get to your destination in record time without worrying about the stress of being late.


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3. Customise Your Bike To Meet Your Needs

The cool part about the E-Bike technology is that the more available they become and the more popularity they gain, that means more features and ideas become available for them to be easily customisable. Need a new basket to hold your items? No problem. Get to and from the supermarket with ease and enough space for extra items. Need to get to yoga? No dramas. Throw your mat on it and rock up to your class with plenty of time to spare. 



4. Go Off The Beaten Path

E-Bikes open up another world for adventure because of their durability and strength. Don't be afraid to hit those little offroad paths or beach drives instead of strolling through traffic. However, we do recommend 'fat bikes' for this type of lifestyle as they make the cruising easier for you without worrying about if your e-mtb or e-road bike will hold up to the ride.


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5. Great For Tourism

Need a ride when you are visiting your favourite beach town, tucked away retreat, or city? Definitely hit up a local e-bike supplier, like Freedom Machine of course, for a quick crash course on how to ride and step into a short term rental to get you around. Soon enough, we guarantee you will fall in love with this new type of lifestyle and will think about putting some of your savings into a new e-bike investment.