Our Favourite Bike Rides In Byron Bay

freedom machine byron bay best bike rides in byron bay

With its verdant inland areas extending to the coastline, the Byron Bay Region boasts excellent cycling infrastructure. Biking is a favoured mode of transportation in this locale, with numerous easily reachable bike tracks catering to both residents and tourists. Our team at Freedom Machine Byron Bay know the ins and outs of all of the bike rides in Byron Bay so definitely stop in to get a deeper inside scoop after reading this article. If you don't have your own e-bike or bicycle, you can rent one at our storefront in Byron Bay.

freedom machine byron bay best bike rides in byron bay

Bruns To Byron Beach Ride - 13kms, 1.5 hour route

When the tide is low, you can effortlessly cruise from Brunswick South Wall to Byron Bay, gliding along the firm, level sand. Be prepared for a delightful challenge about 3 kilometers north of Byron, where crossing Belongil Creek may give you wet feet, and be sure to navigate around the resting shore birds. After your ride, don't forget to give your bike a thorough hose-down to safeguard it from potential salt damage.

freedom machine byron bay best bike rides of byron bay

Byron Bay Tour - 19kms, 2 hours

Discovering Byron Bay and its surroundings is made easy with this ride. Begin your adventure at the Byron Bay Surf Lifesaving Club on Bay Street. Take the shared bike path east through the parklands, passing by the inviting Byron Beach Cafe (a perfect spot for a quick stop). Ride uphill, following the signs to the Byron Lighthouse. Upon reaching the lighthouse, trace your route back towards town.

Turn left into Massinger Street, left into Short Street, right into Patterson Street, left into Bangalow Road. Follow the shoulder and shared path past the High School, then make a left by the gate. Continue along the path across Tallow Creek and behind the dunes until you reach Alcorn Street. Turn right into Clifford Street, leading you to the Suffolk Park shops and pub. Return by retracing the same route. Carry on Bangalow Road straight through the roundabout, make a left at Marvell Street, then a right into Fletcher Street, guiding you back to the Surf Lifesaving Club.

freedom machine byron bay best bike rides in byron bay

Loop To Mullumbimby - 32.2kms, 1.5 hour route

For a deeper immersion into Byron's secluded splendor, saddle up and venture inland toward Mullumbimby.

The journey remains mostly level until you make a left onto Coolamon Scenic Drive, initiating the 4.5km ascent to Coorabell. Revel in the breathtaking scenery—lush tropical rainforest with panoramic views extending from hinterland towns all the way to the coast.

This ride offers a profound connection with nature, allowing you to understand why many individuals who explored the Byron coast in the late '60s chose to make it their permanent haven.

freedom machine byron best bike ridfes in byron bay

Byron To Ballina Loop - 86.35kms, 3.5 hour route

Get amongst this exhilarating route, featuring a total elevation gain of 1266 meters, promising to push your endurance to the limits. Be ready for a rewarding challenge that will test your cycling prowess and stamina. As you conquer the ascents and descents, the landscape unfolds, offering breathtaking vistas that make every pedal stroke worthwhile.

Upon reaching your destination in Ballina, where the journey culminates, reward yourself with a refreshing plunge into the invigorating ocean waters. Let the cool sea embrace you, soothing your muscles and providing a well-deserved respite from the intensity of the ride.

Remember, safety is paramount throughout your cycling adventure. Ensure your gear is in optimal condition, stay hydrated, and be mindful of traffic and road conditions. Embrace the joy of cycling, revel in the sense of accomplishment as you conquer each climb, and savour the satisfaction of completing a challenging route. Here's to a fun and safe cycling experience!

freedom machine byron bay best bike rides of byron bay

Byron To Brooklet Loop - 89.62kms, 4 hour route

Prepare for an invigorating journey as you set out on this cycling adventure covering a total distance of 90 kilometers and ascending 1200 meters. The initial 20-kilometer stretch south to Lennox Head serves as a pleasant warm-up, providing a taste of the terrain to be conquered. Meandering away from the renowned surf spots, the road gradually ascends as you make your way towards the charming locales of Booklet and the historic village of Newrybar.

As you approach the western expanse, the landscape transforms into a captivating blend of rolling hills and picturesque vistas. The ascending road beckons, promising a series of punchy climbs that will put your cycling skills and endurance to the test. The journey back to Byron unfolds as a breathtaking sequence of valley descents, offering a thrilling contrast to the earlier climbs.

While some cyclists may shy away from the allure of chasing Strava segments, the route generously presents opportunities for such pursuits, including the iconic Byron Lighthouse Climb. Whether you choose to embrace the competitive spirit or simply revel in the joy of the ride, each pedal stroke on this route unveils a unique blend of challenges and rewards. So, gear up for an unforgettable cycling experience, where the undulating landscapes and Strava segments create a memorable tapestry for both the body and soul.