super73 rx

The Super73 RX is the iconic bike from an extremely well known e-bike brand. If you're into electric bikes, you've most likely heard of Super73. Its motorcycle-inspired designs are really popular and the RX is its bike with most features. We had a chance to get a few of these guys into our workshop in Byron Bay and take them for a stroll.

super73 rx


The frame on the RX is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, allowing it to really pull off the motorcycle look with the battery mounted on top like a gas tank, along with the dual-tube design. It's quite a sturdy and rigid fella and can support riders up to 150kg.

There's mounting points all over the frame, but there aren't many Super73 accessories available to take advantage of them. The Super73 community is strong with accessories, but we recommend definitely popping in to try out some third party accessories to fit onto your ride. We suggest a classic basket for your everyday storage and a surf rack so you can get to the beach with your board easily.

super73 rx


Where the RX really shines is its performance. The hub motor is ready to put the pedal to the medal by outputting up to 2,000 watts of peak power. There are four different ride modes depending on how fast you want it to max out at. You should definitely familiarize yourself with your local laws regarding e-bikes, so you know where you're allowed to ride and what the speed limits are. We definitely do our best to obey the speed limits, but there are times when we find the need to ride on the streets on the wild side, but it actually feels a bit safer to go faster to keep up with traffic. 

The range depends on how and where you ride. Super73 estimates the 960 watt-hour battery goes roughly 65km at 32kph using the throttle only, and about 120km using Eco pedal-assist mode. In our experience of using the throttle at 40-50kph on fairly flat roads, we lasted about 55km before needing to recharge. But, as the battery starts to die, you will notice a bit of a dip in performance, which is is similar across most e-bike brands. The battery is of course removable if you need to take it with you and takes about 6-7 hours to fully charge.

The RX is a single-speed bike but there are four levels of pedal assist to control resistance, along with the four ride modes for controlling your speed, all of which can be set using the controller on the left handlebar. It has a subtle LCD display to show your speed, distance and remaining battery. However, if that's not large enough for you, the RX can also connect to the Super73 app to use as a display if you mount your phone on the handlebars.

For stopping power, the RX has hydraulic disc brakes that are very responsive and are great for slowing you down at higher speeds. It also has a bright, 600-lumen headlight and an extremely loud horn that will definitely get the attention of other riders and drivers. 

The suspension system is quite advanced, with an inverted coil spring fork with air assist in front and a coil-over piggyback mono shock in back. That, along with the thick, 5-inch wide fat tires makes the bike feel almost indestructible. It's fully equipped to handle the roughest of city streets and muddiest of dirt trails.

super73 rx bike


Because Super73s are meant to look like motorcycles, the seat is low at 32 inches and can't exactly be adjusted so a tall person isn't able to get proper leg extension on the smaller pedals and cranks. The seat, however, is comfortable enough for the rider to sit back, so that pedaling is still possible for accelerating and helping get up steep hills, which is all you really need it for.

The push throttle does take away from the motorcycle aesthetics. It's a little difficult to keep steady on bumpy roads and makes my thumb sore after a while. I would prefer a twist throttle to complete the motorbike look.

super73 rx bike


If you're buying a Super73 because of its motorbike design, the RX has a lot to offer. It can be great for commuting, but can also tear up the off-road trails with ease. We personally have a lot of fun with the RX, and it feels safer and more controllable than most e-bikes we have ridden that are on the market currently. It's powerful enough to keep up with most traffic and able to handle almost every road conditions, to gravel, beach, and even a bit of snow. We definitely recommend this for the more average height rider and definitely for someone who is looking to keep this guy locked up in a garage, rather than a bike rack as thieves are definitely eyeing this down as a shiny subject to target. Overall, the Super73 RX is one of the meanest and top of the line machines on the e-bike market in the world and we couldn’t be happier to be riding them.