Best Places To Eat On The Northern Rivers Rail Trail


best places to eat northern rivers rail trail

The Northern Rivers Rail Trail in Northern New South Wales is booming already with Summer just around the corner. There’s no better place for a day out with friends, family, or even makes for an amazing date idea.
The trail is also jam packed with local farms, historic sites, and some of the yummiest hidden gems for dining that the Northern Rivers offers, boasting fresh and local foods. Let’s jump into another light reading of some of our favourite spots to stop in for some grub on the legendary Northern Rivers Rail Trail to keep your energy going for the day.

freedom machine byron bay northern rivers rail trail best places to eat

Kat Harvey Cheese

Nestled in Murwillumbah, Kat Harvey Cheese is a haven for cheese enthusiasts. With a dedicated team, they craft exquisite cheeses using traditional techniques. The standout is their signature creamy brie, a masterpiece that captivates taste buds. The emporium, beyond being a retail space, offers an immersive experience, showcasing the artistry and passion behind each creation. The creamy brie, with its velvety texture and nuanced flavours, reflects Kat's commitment to traditional methods and high-quality ingredients. The emporium, a cheese lover's paradise, also features a diverse range of cheeses, inviting visitors to explore and partake in tastings. In preserving the authenticity of cheese-making while infusing creativity, Kat Harvey Cheese is a culinary destination, contributing to the local scene and offering a unique, immersive cheese experience.

freedom machine byron bay northern rivers best places to eat

Earth Beer Company

Located along the Cudgen route, Earth Beer Company offers a welcoming stop for travellers and cyclists with a focus on crafting delicious beverages while minimizing environmental impact. The brewery, adorned with eco-friendly decor, showcases a commitment to sustainability in both ambiance and brewing practices.

A standout in their selection is the Rising Sun pale ale, a meticulously brewed beverage that promises to elevate your day. With refreshing hints of citrus and floral notes, it embodies the brewery's dedication to the craft of brewing. Beyond the exquisite flavours, what sets this brewery apart is its dedicated approach to environmental stewardship, incorporating eco-friendly practices like water conservation and waste reduction.

Whether you're a beer enthusiast or just passing through Cudgen on the Northern Rivers Rail Trail, stopping by this brewery is not only a flavourful experience but also a choice that aligns with a commitment to sustainability. It's a brief yet satisfying pause that resonates with those who appreciate great beverages and a responsible approach to our planet, and here at Freedom Machine Byron Bay, we love those who fight for the environment.

freedom machine byron bay best places to eat northern rivers rail trail

Bistro Livi

Bistro Livi, located in Murwillumbah's Art Precinct within a charming Art Deco building, is a community eatery that exudes warmth and culinary passion. Operated by a dynamic team united by their love for food and wine, the restaurant is a testament to creating memorable dining experiences.

Stepping into Livi, guests are embraced by a cozy ambiance that complements the vintage charm of the Art Deco setting. The passionate team collaborates seamlessly, with chefs transforming local ingredients into culinary masterpieces and sommeliers curating a wine selection that enhances each dish.

The menu showcases a commitment to seasonal, locally sourced produce, resulting in dishes that celebrate flavors and pay homage to the region's culinary offerings. From carefully crafted entrées to innovative main courses and decadent desserts, each element contributes to a sensory journey.

Beyond the gastronomic delights, Livi prioritizes exceptional service. The staff, driven by a genuine passion for hospitality, ensures that every guest feels valued and part of the community. Livi is more than a place to dine—it's a haven where culinary artistry meets community, offering an opportunity to savor shared experiences in a delightful setting within the Art Precinct.

freedom machine byron bay northern rivers rail trail best places to eat

Juju's Cafe

In the heart of Murwillumbah, Juju’s Cafe stands out for its commitment to local produce and collaboration with nearby farmers. A community favorite, Juju's ensures happy faces with its hearty breakfast options and a tranquil atmosphere. Whether you're fueling up for the day or enjoying a morning caffeine fix after a bike ride, Juju's is a welcoming space that goes beyond being a cafe—it's a cherished hub where locals and visitors gather, savoring the flavors of Murwillumbah and fostering a sense of community.

northern rivers rail trail freedom machine byron bay best places to eat

Farm & Co

Conveniently settled in Cudgen, Farm & Co is a unique culinary destination combining a casual café and a restaurant specializing in paddock-to-plate cuisine. The charm of this establishment lies in its commitment to using predominantly organic ingredients from their own farm, offering a genuine farm-to-fork experience.

Ideal for cyclists exploring the Cudgen Plateau, Farm & Co's casual café provides a quick pitstop for freshly brewed coffee, artisanal pastries, and delightful treats. Meanwhile, the restaurant invites guests to indulge in leisurely lunches, showcasing the farm's bounty through vibrant salads and hearty mains crafted with seasonal, organic produce.

Beyond the culinary delights, Farm & Co offers an immersive experience. Visitors can explore the farm, gaining insights into sustainable farming practices. Whether it's a brief break during a cycling adventure or a relaxed lunch, Farm & Co beckons, inviting guests to savor the essence of the Cudgen Plateau through its commitment to fresh, locally sourced ingredients.


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