3 Things We Love About EZ Riderz

You've probably seen these guys being bumped around town left and right from our Freedom Machine store front. Byron bred and based EZ Riderz are the definition of life made easier, coming in many different colours across the Sledz series or Z series, getting you to where you need to be at any time of the day. Customisable, fit for 2 people, and fit for driving at night and different terrains, let us tell you some reasons why we love these machines.

EZ Riderz Sledz

1. The Style

I mean just have a look at them. You can't toss this away at first glance. There's just nothing bad looking about them. Coming in two different classic styles, the EZ Riderz really do encompass that vintage look. The Z comes with a long body, as you sit atop a machine that almost resembles a bike from the golden age of the 1930s, where as the Sledz Cafe Racer feels a touch more contemporary suitable for two riders (dependent on weight). 


EZ Riderz Sledz


2. Take Them Anywhere!

Hills, gravel, roads, beaches, laneways, sideroads, neighbourhoods, suburbs: you name it! Take this series anywhere. With EZ Riderz you have the freedom to choose where and when you want to go. Beat the slow moving traffic on the way to work, or get to the beach just in time for a proper surf session rather than waiting in your car for hours just to secure a spot. Trust us when we say life will be made way easier with this bike to get you to where you need to be. 



3. Head Out With A Crew!

One of the best parts about these bikes is that they are so user friendly, anyone could drive it. No experience required with electrics or motorbikes really on these ones. Either pedal with the pedal assist feature with variable assisted speeds or just pop down that throttle lever for an easy and care free ride. Take a stroll out with friends or family to those prime locations, or even a romantic date through some of the best lookout points on your holiday or close to home.