Factor Ostro Gravel Sram Force XPLR freedom machine byron bay australia
Factor Ostro Gravel Sram Force XPLR freedom machine byron bay australia
Factor Ostro Gravel Sram Force XPLR freedom machine byron bay australia
Factor Ostro Gravel Sram Force XPLR freedom machine byron bay australia
Factor Ostro Gravel Sram Force XPLR freedom machine byron bay australia
Factor Ostro Gravel Sram Force XPLR freedom machine byron bay australia
Factor Ostro Gravel Sram Force XPLR freedom machine byron bay australia
Factor Ostro Gravel Sram Force XPLR freedom machine byron bay australia

Factor Ostro Gravel Sram Force XPLR

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Speed is their goal. Every ride, regardless of the terrain, is a pursuit of velocity. The OSTRO Gravel, the bike enthusiasts have longed for, embodies a "win everywhere" mindset inherited from its road racing counterpart, the OSTRO VAM. It's meticulously engineered to reign supreme in its category, boasting outstanding aerodynamics, superior handling, exceptional stiffness, and a feather-light build. With a tire capacity of 45mm, it's primed for high-speed adventures across all landscapes.

In the world of gravel racing, aerodynamics are of paramount importance, albeit with unique demands compared to road racing. The OSTRO Gravel frame is meticulously optimized to match the speeds of your gravel adventures. A "zoned aero" strategy was employed by the design team, with a focus on enhancing the bike's front end for superior aerodynamics while ensuring the rear prioritizes lightness and ride quality, acknowledging the more turbulent airflow. Notably, substantial effort was dedicated to the head tube, where a groundbreaking tube shape achieved significant reductions in drag by managing the "laminar separation bubble" found near the front of airfoils at lower speeds. While the technology has roots in aerospace, the essential takeaway is that the OSTRO Gravel will get riders to their finish lines not just seconds, but minutes faster.

The OSTRO Gravel offers a generous 45mm tire clearance in both 700c and 650b, providing a world of options and the capability to tackle the most challenging routes and events. This figure adheres to ISO standards, ensuring that the OSTRO Gravel is well-equipped to handle muddy conditions. The bike's prowess in such conditions was evident at the renowned 2022 Unbound 200, where it secured a remarkable top-10 finish despite brutal weather.

The new Black Inc THIRTY FOUR carbon gravel wheels are a fitting complement to the OSTRO Gravel's pursuit of speed on gravel. These wheels, like the bike itself, are designed with a 34mm depth to maximize aerodynamic performance while keeping weight to a minimum and ensuring stability in crosswinds. Their optimum aerodynamic configuration is achieved with a 32mm tire for all-road use, but they remain highly effective for gravel tires up to 43mm. The 25mm internal rim width facilitates the perfect shape for larger tires. Furthermore, the hookless rim design simplifies the process of mounting tubeless tires, often requiring nothing more than a regular floor pump. For added safety, the rim features a secondary shoulder to maintain tire security in case of rapid deflation, allowing for a controlled stop. Black Inc hubs are equipped with CeramicSpeed bearings for peak efficiency.

The Black Inc Aero Integrated Barstem achieves a remarkable balance between aerodynamics and ergonomics, ushering in a new era of high-speed and long-distance riding. Its mid-depth aero profile results from extensive research and development, leveraging computational fluid dynamics and wind tunnel testing. The outcome is an aero barstem that outperforms leading brands while maintaining an exceptionally low weight. Moreover, it provides a comfortable riding experience, with refined ergonomics that promote a natural wrist angle on the tops, improved wrist clearance, versatile hand positions thanks to chamfered corners, and a drop shape accommodating the extended reach of the latest Shimano and SRAM shifters. A 7-degree flare, commencing below the shifter mounting point, adds 3cm of width in the drops, catering to a wide range of applications. The Aero Integrated Barstem is designed to excel for both the OSTRO Gravel and OSTRO VAM. For gravel adventures, it enhances control on descents with wider drops, while for road cycling, it offers the much-desired aero positioning achievable on the narrower hoods. This innovative barstem also comes equipped with a GoPro-style computer mount, offering angle adjustment and a secure second mount for a light or action camera.

Distinguished by its optimization for various tire sizes, the OSTRO Gravel breaks the mold of all-road and gravel bikes that often compromise between on- and off-road handling. Tire size is an integral component of its geometry, ensuring that wider tires have a greater outside diameter, increasing true trail for swift gravel handling, while narrower tires reduce trail, resulting in precise all-road performance. To cater to the bike's racing focus, a trail value slightly favoring faster handling was selected for gravel use, while the head tube angle took precedence in choosing the fork rake. The result is a gravel bike that offers nimble handling on 43mm tires and delivers a precise and satisfying all-road experience on 32s, all without the unwanted low-speed wheel flop.

The OSTRO Gravel is the ideal companion for those high-speed journeys where the world becomes a blur, and it achieves this with a unique combination of aerodynamics, lightness, compliance, and integration. When riders go full gas, there's little time to appreciate the surroundings beyond the rush of speed, and the OSTRO Gravel is engineered to keep them at the forefront.

This all-star bike is a best-in-class contender, weighing in at a mere 900g, solidifying its status as one of the lightest gravel frames available. Crafted from top-tier materials, it not only offers exceptional lightness but also delivers an extraordinary ride quality and the unwavering durability required for season after season of epic gravel racing.


TeXtreme®, Toray®, Nippon Graphite® Pitch-Based Fiber

OSTRO Wide Stance Fork

0 and 20mm setback available

Black Inc Aero Integrated Barstem Reach 80mm, drop 120mm. Multiple stem lengths and bar widths available

CeramicSpeed SLT 1.5" bearings
1.5" upper and lower

7x7 and 7x9

12 x 100mm thru-axle

12 x 142mm thru-axle


CeramicSpeed T47A Aluminium cups / CeramicSpeed bearings with Wheels MFG 24mm

Right Reducers / Adapters

1x or 2x, Electronic or Mechanical




Black Inc Thirty Four


SRAM Force - Chain ring 44 Cassette 10/344 With Power Meter

Currently spec'd with a SRAM 43/30 chainring and 10-36 cassette (Power Meter option only available with 46/33 chain rings only)


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